Shapewear garments: femininity and elegance for all body types

08 abril 2023

Shapewear garments: femininity and elegance for all body types

Surely you have already seen or used a modeling strap. In the past, it was widely used after surgical treatment and for those who would like to define their silhouette. Times passed, but these pieces did not remain in the past. In fact, they are very present, but completely reformulated and increasingly adapted to different female bodies.

And I'm not even talking about simple compression straps anymore. Nowadays, we can find many pieces of women's clothing on the market that have this quality that only women like: to compress the fat and define the body more. They are dresses, swimwear, gym clothes, built-in shapewear dress, among others. But for those who don't know, let's start at the beginning.

What are shaping garments?

Body shaping garments are garments that help shape and accentuate the body, providing a more defined and attractive appearance. Generally, they are made of compressive materials that help reduce the appearance of localized fat and smooth the silhouette.

There are several types of body shaping clothes, from pieces that focus on specific areas of the body, such as abdominal straps and leg shapers, to models that cover the entire body, such as the famous "bodysuits". But before choosing the piece you like best to wear.

What are shaping garments?

There are many body shapes. The straightest, the curvilinear. The ones that have more width in the waist and legs, or in the shoulders. Check out best shapewear for apple shape. Therefore, it is essential to choose a model that is comfortable and does not impair blood circulation or breathing.

What are the benefits?

  • More defined appearance: by compressing and shaping the body, shaping clothes help to accentuate curves and reduce the appearance of localized fat. This can result in a more defined and attractive appearance.

  • Posture Improvement: Many shapewear garments are designed to support the spine and help maintain proper posture. This can help reduce back pain and improve overall spinal health.

  • Feeling of support: Shapewear can provide a feeling of support and security, which can be especially helpful during exercise or activities that require intense movement.

  • Boosting Self-Confidence: By improving appearance and providing a supportive feeling, shapewear can help boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

One of the garments that most revolutionized this market was definitely the shaping swimsuit. And don't think of a curling iron as something without shape, without color and without life. These pieces come in an incredible diversity to show the beauty of all types of women's bodies and take away once and for all that feeling of shame that many women still had, to show up on the beach.

That's how I found Shapellx. A company that sells products online for this purpose and many others, valuing all women's body styles. A women's shapewear brand that offers a variety of products for any occasion. With sustainable materials and high-quality fabrics, they provide a solution for every outfit in every closet. A brand that gives women the freedom to express their unique style and reveal their true selves to the world.

I liked the brand so much that I selected 3 shaping swimsuits that I liked the most. Different and full of style. And the best: it's for sale on the website and anyone can buy it and go to the next summer, rocking the beach too much. 1. Smart Sculpt Ruched Front Swimsuit; 2. Shapellx Halter Neck Color Block Swimsuit; 3. Shapellx Scoop Neck Backless Swimsuit.

shaping swimsuits

So, which one did you like best? I can't choose, I think I'll have to have all three. They are beautiful, with different shapes and colors, and that adjust to the body. Perfect for both the beach and the pool. Be sure to learn more about the store at

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