Charm, beauty and lightness of weddings

06 abril 2023

junior bridesmaids: charm, beauty and lightness of weddings

Last month my cousin got married. I think wedding parties are so beautiful, always so full of details and glamour. In addition to the joy involved. Always a party where the bride is the star, but there is another character that also draws sighs in these celebrations: The bridesmaids (junior maid of honor).


Bridesmaids often have responsibilities at a wedding, such as helping the bride choose her dress, helping plan the ceremony and reception, organizing the bachelorette party, and being with the bride at the altar during the ceremony. Additionally, bridesmaids often wear matching dresses and may be accompanied by the groom's best men (or "best man of honor").

However, in addition to the bridesmaids, who are also known as bridesmaids, we have the junior bridesmaids. The children. Junior bridesmaids are children, usually girls, who play an important role in weddings, carrying the rings during the ceremony. They are usually between three and ten years old and are chosen by the bride and groom among the children of family or close friends. They wear white dresses or dresses in colors that match the theme of the ceremony and reception. They look like princesses at the party.


During the ceremony, junior bridesmaids usually walk down the aisle of the church or ceremony site, throwing flower petals or carrying a basket of petals that will be thrown in the bride's way. Then they hand the rings to the bride and groom or the wedding celebrant. The participation of junior wedding bridesmaids is a cute and touching moment in the ceremony and they often charm the guests with their cuteness and innocence.

Choosing the dress

Nothing is easy when preparing a wedding, and in the same way that choosing the bride's dress is something important, the junior bridesmaid dress is also. Nowadays there are many models, styles and colors on the market. This is amazing in terms of research, but it can also generate a lot of questions. For this reason, knowing about stores with varieties of products for us to research and look at is always a good tip.

A store with an online website that has party products (whether weddings, birthdays, etc.) aimed at children is Teentina. And it's not just dresses you can find there. It has a dedicated section for boys as well.

Choosing the dress

TeenTina is a professional online supplier of children's clothing. We find products, made with the best materials, at their "real prices". For girls who want to find exquisitely styled dresses at an affordable price. Inspired by the latest fashion trends and popular dress elements, TeenTina offers dresses to consider and please different types of female tastes.

All photos in this publication are products from there. My favorites. I loved seeing the variety of pieces the site has available to choose from. Also, if you want to change a size, add something or modify fabric, everything can be done by contacting the company. And best of all, they ship worldwide via multiple shipping methods. And then, tell me if these pieces aren't passionate. Be sure to visit their website:

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