End of year parties and the glamor of dresses

13 dezembro 2022

The end of the year arrives and the parties arrive together. Be it the end of the year, Christmas parties and also weddings and graduation. The traditional balls enchant and make the year end with more brilliance, for those who enjoy occasions.

For those who organize a party of this type, there are great responsibilities, such as choosing the musician, the place for the party, the guest list and even a different theme for the occasion, if you decide to have one.

And for those who are invited to a big dance or night party, the big question is which look to wear. A longer dress, a shorter one, with a neckline or not, what color, what style? There are many possibilities to choose from, and the important thing is to also analyze the place, to see what matches the chosen environment.

How to choose a prom dress?

One of the first and most important things to analyze when choosing a party dress or look is to know where this ball will take place. It may seem simple but this decision can be decisive when choosing a longer or shorter model. With glitter or cleavage. Or more closed and neutral colors.

And it may seem like there aren't many options, but there are. Only weddings, for example, can take place in various locations, such as on the beach, in a church hall, in the snow. Debutante parties can also be creative and take place in unusual places. That's why it's important to research the location, accessibility and even check with the person who sent the invitation, if you have an indication of what to wear.

As I love saving, researching prices and looking for discount coupons for example, I usually see options on the web, prom dresses online, reliable sites that bring me a variety of models, in addition to inspiring me on what I'm going to wear, they also give me the option of finding something different from the other guests.

Remembering your body shape is also very important when choosing a dress model. Rectangular body, hourglass, pear, apple, many body styles and shapes and several model options that look good on each one.

Rectangular body: if your shoulders are the same measurements as your hips and you have a straight waist, look for models that define the waist to create a silhouette. Avoid dresses with straight cut and plain.

Hourglass Body: If your hips and shoulders are the same width and your waist is defined, you have an hourglass shape. The ideal is to opt for models that enhance the curves, tighter and shorter and with cutouts on the sides.

Inverted Triangle Body: Your shoulders are longer than your hips, and ideally, add some volume to the skirt to create balance in your figure.

Pear body: if your hips are larger than your chest and shoulders, invest in models that highlight the upper part, such as dresses with details on the chest, V-necks and appliqués.

Apple body: your body has an oval shape, and the ideal thing is that you abuse V necklines and vertical cuts, as they help you to elongate.

All the options I chose and many other types you can find on Suzhoufashion, a site that sells clothes for prom, formal and wedding dresses. The company has a dedicated team of designers who are always on the lookout for new fashion shapes.

"The company is headquartered in Suzhou, China, and has elite teams in Guangzhou and Beijing, currently has a branch in the United States and plans to expand the operation team in many countries and regions to set up branches."

After the customer places an order on the website, the company starts production, which takes an average of three weeks. Much faster than many places that can take up to three months. A great option for those looking for an elegant prom dress without having to leave the house to buy. Get to know the social networks: Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | site

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