The practicality of silicone for life and health

17 outubro 2022

In recent years, much has been said about how harmful plastic is to health. For a long time we used any type of plastic to store our food, heat it in the microwave, give milk to babies. But it is not new that scientists are proving more and more that many types of plastics can even influence the origin of cancer in some people.

This is because many plastic packages contain a component called Bisphenol-A. This chemical substance acts in the body by simulating a hormone and altering the functioning of some cells. Its action has effects similar to that of the estrogen hormone, and can generate cellular changes with long-term effects such as infertility, impotence and some types of cancer, such as breast and thyroid.

And how to avoid? One of the solutions that the industry has been bringing to us is the various utensils and products for our use of silicone. This material, in addition to being more practical for daily use, is also not harmful to health, and can be used both in hot environments, such as an oven, or even cold ones such as the freezer.
Water-Proof Food Grade Silicone Rose-Shaped Whisky Ice Mold Maker

When I think of health, I immediately think of this material. I make a lot of recipes in the oven, I find it very practical. And simple things, which I used to have difficulty, I don't have anymore, like with ice from the freezer to add to the drink. With silicone ice tray everything is more practical.
New Custom Bulk BPA Free Educational Silicone Baby Stacking Toys

And it's not even talked about when it comes to products for children. I still don't have children, but I always advise my friends to buy quality products and materials that will not harm the child's health. Like the silicone breast pump which has to be of great quality because it will be in contact with the baby for a long time.
Top Quality Low Price Durable Silicone Baby Pacifier Toy Bulk

It was in these searches that I found Newtop Rubber, which offers various types of quality products for the whole family. Newtop Rubber is one of the leading manufacturers of liquid silicone rubber parts in China. There are hundreds of molds in the factory, which can produce mother and baby products including breast pumps, silicone dinner plates, silicone bibs, and silicone teethers.

It can also produce kitchen utensils such as silicone brushes, scrapers, and food storage bags. We also provide customers with silicone molds for DIY, such as silicone molds for DIY candles, silicone toys for children's educational development, and silicone baking molds for DIY food production.

What about you, are you taking care of your health and purchasing quality products? Always review the components of the products you purchase. Your future health will thank you.

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