Is the wig the new fashion?

11 maio 2021

Is the wig the new fashion?

There is a subject that I see growing more and more, both here and, mainly, there abroad: the use of wigs. Whether for a special event or for day-to-day life, the choice of wigs is growing more and more among people.

In the past, the fact of wearing wigs was very much associated with the fact that the person has some disease. But today it’s not like that anymore. Of course, this audience exists, but it is no longer exclusive. In fact, it is the minority. Nowadays, the use of wigs and closure wig is closely linked to the aesthetic issue.

Generally, aesthetic procedures for hair are expensive, not to mention that they can damage the hair a lot. Therefore, many people began to adopt the use of wigs to have the look and hair they always dreamed of.

My brother, and some other friends who live outside the country, have already told me that there it is very common for girls to use it, to go to work, for a party, for the day-to-day. Girls who have straight hair and want curly hair, or the other way around.

Is the wig the new fashion?

Now, this fashion is already here in Brazil. But there are still many companies that sell wigs of doubtful quality, so it is very good to always research. As this "new fashion" came from abroad, it is common to find companies there as well.

The website is one of them. With a large factory and trained professionals, the company offers high quality 100% virgin human hair wigs, in addition to all the necessary accessories for use. They also promise great prices, something we love!

In addition to the variety of strands of hair, straight, long or short, curly or curly and hd lace frontal 13x6, we also have color options that escape the same brown, blonde or black. And then there is the happiness of those who always dreamed of colored hair. Imagine the blue, or coral locks. I adore!

But, in addition to all this variety and uses of the wig, one of the biggest doubts of people is about care. It gives the impression that it will be a lot of work, or that it will break down quickly, but not quite. With little care, the durability is great.

Is the wig the new fashion?

How to comb the wig? It would be a lie if we didn't say that we have to be careful when combing the wig. Let us be kind to the threads. Of course, that goes for our hair, too. Our scalp thanks the affection.

For wigs - 13x6 lace front wig - with long waves and strands, the wide tooth comb is highly recommended. For stubborn or tangled threads, it is good to apply a spray conditioner to help loosen them.

How to wash the wig? To wash the wig, the process is also very smooth and you can use the following steps: 1- Place the wig in warm water, and add the shampoo to the water. 2- Gently press your hands over your hair for 10-15 minutes until it is clean. 3- Rinse the shampoo well and put the conditioner in the water. 4- Leave the wig in the conditioner for 10-15 minutes. 5- Rinse the conditioner well and use a towel to absorb the water. 6- Place the wig on a wig holder and let it dry.

So, what do you think of this new fashion? Have you ever wanted to wear a wig - headband wig -? I confess that I already had some problems with my hair. I already "spoiled" them a lot in my teens. I have also had problems with anxiety. Today I take vitamins and he looks beautiful and has healthy curls.

Even so, I think I would risk buying some different wigs so that I could do several hairstyles. And you?

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  1. Peruca é uma ótima opção pra mudar o visual sem estragar os cabelos né?
    Par quem curte acho uma boa :)

  2. Olá,
    Se eu fosse usar seria só as curtas, não aguento mais cabelo longo não. haha

    até mais,
    Canto Cultzíneo

  3. A ideia de sempre mudar o cabelo sem estragar o cabelo é maravilhosa. Infelizmente ela sao muito caras no Brasil, então dificilmente as mulheres aqui vão usar no dia a dia como algo normal, e sim para ocasiões especiais mesmo.

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  4. wigs are very fashion and beauty for women and girls, like lace front wigs, closure wigs, blonde lace front wigs.


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